I was born and raised in Seattle, but where I live is hardly the reason I call it home. Relaxing with family, playing golf, and spending time with my wife, Jenna, remind me of my blessings each day.  My gregarious Bengal cats, Lola and Elaine Benes, also bring me joy.

Over the years, one thing has been certain. I've always had a passion for helping & educating people.  At a young age, I decided to pursue a career in finance. I read all the books, passed all the tests, and started to build my business.

Helping people plan for their tomorrow was exciting. I loved making an impact.

But something was missing...

The financial industry is and always will be about one thing...Money. Making more of it. Not losing too much of it. Retiring early enough to spend it.  A profession built around being personable became not so personal after all.  I realized the most important things in life are rarely written on a spreadsheet.

It was time to pursue a different goal.

Late nights honing my craft pushed me to leave an unfulfilling career to begin a new chapter in Real Estate.  These days, my goal is simple. To make an impact helping people in Seattle move up to their next home.

Let's be honest, moving from one home to the next can be daunting. Trust me, I’ve been through it.  Over the years, I developed a strategy that takes the stress out of finding a new home and selling the old one...

All while loving the process along the way…and living by my mantra. Do what you say you’ll do, Treat clients like family, and Always do the right thing.

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